From a paleontologist and a guy who directed one thing comes SLEEPWALKER - EMERGING SOON
When He's Sleepy
You Won't Like Him

The Story Of

Sleepwalker Series

  • A Humble guy

    Rick Sheridan was just an ordinary film student, hoping to one day create blockbuster movies - or at least films people respect. It seemed Rick had everything going for him until an invasive stranger found itself inside the most unlikely of places... Rick's mind.

  • A Restless Night

    A negligent act by Rick accidentally traps the stranger, binding him to Rick's subconscious where the two struggle to find center ground. A chance encounter knocks Rick out, putting him in danger. The being is able to escape for a brief moment to save Rick from harm. It's when Rick comes to he discovers the being is gone, back into his mind.

  • The Restless Spirit

    The stranger reveals himself to be a Sleepwalker, a race of multi-dimensional mind protectors from a realm of imaginative space known as the Mindscape. As the two begin to know each other better, Rick agree's to an unlikely alliance, allowing the Sleepwalker to emerge while Rick sleeps.

  • The Night Life

    During these times, Sleepwalker patrols the city, looking for injustice and thwarting evil wherever it's found. Rick must come to terms with this new inconvenience in his life while both search for a way to allow Sleepwalker to return home.

  • The Mindscape

    An ever-shifting landscape where our thoughts create the very fabric of its reality. The Mindscape is a dangerous world made up the collective consciousness of all sentient beings.

    The Sleepwalkers act as guardians to defend these minds and the Mindscape, almost as a sort of "dream police," from the dangers formed within.

    The place where dreams are from

    The Mindscape is home to many strange and mysterious creatures, some of which are very dangerous. The worst like to invade the sleeping minds of humans.

    Dreams turn to nightmares

    The evil creatures of the Mindscape want nothing more than to drive the minds of the innocent insane. It's up to the Sleepwalkers to protect the gateways that lead into the mind of every being.

    And nightmares are deadly

    The Sleepwalkers dare not enter these mental gateways, for the consequences could be catastrophic for the host, as you will soon find ou

    The Characters

  • Rick Sheridan

    A young laid-back filmmaker whose life takes a turn for the worse after a being from another dimension is trapped inside his mind. With his life falling apart around him, Rick must come to terms with this mysterious entity or find a way to send him home for good.

  • Alyssa

    The girlfriend of Rick Sheridan, Alyssa is a talented psychology student. After learning of Sleepwalker and sensing a psychological breakthrough of world changing proportions she becomes recklessly intent on discovering more.

  • Sleepwalker

    A denizen of the mindscape that finds himself trapped in the mind of Rick Sheridan and can only emerge while Rick is sleeping. As he seeks to find a way back to his home world, he has taken it upon himself to defend the people of New York from harm, no matter how much they fear him.

    Part of a race of “Dream Police” called Sleepwalkers that patrol the mindscape to protect the dreams of the innocent, he is naturally gifted with the ability to fly and fire a beam from his eyes that alters the molecular structure of solid objects.

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